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Transparent particle board


Day plastic endurance plate is also called safety glass, weight is half that of the same thickness of the glass, strong impact resistance, handling and installation time, widely used in municipal construction, commercial buildings, home decoration, etc.

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Square root transmission of light

Depending on the color is different, the light transmittance can reach 12% ~ 82%.

Tick the uv anti-aging

A total of extrusion product surface with uv protection, good outdoor weatherability, use for a long time still keep good optical properties and mechanical properties.

Square root insulation

Special structure can effectively reduce building energy consumption of air-conditioning.

Square root of sound insulation

Good sound insulation effect, is the first selection of highway noise barrier in the world.

Square root flame retardant

According to the national standard GB8624-1997 flame retardant B1 level.

Quality excellent weather-resistance

Have excellent weather resistance, in - 40 ℃ to 120 ℃ range of various physical performance and stability.

Square root shock

PC endurance plate impact strength is common glass 250 ~ 300 times.

Square root drag

Easy installation, can be cold bent.

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