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Lou: China's economy into the new normal Don't particularly care about short-term volatility

On September 6 (Reuters) In September, according to the ministry of finance website 4 to 5, the group of 20 (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting in Turkey's capital Ankara. Chinese finance minister Lou jiwei said at the meeting, the current economic situation in China is still within the expected. China's economy has entered a new normal, growth is expected to remain at around 7%, and the state may take 4 to 5 years. The Chinese government was not particularly care about quarterly short-term economic fluctuations, macroeconomic policy will maintain the "concentration".

September 4 to 5, the group of 20 (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting held in Turkey's capital Ankara. The meeting mainly discussed the current global economic situation, growth framework, investment and infrastructure, the international financial architecture, the financial sector reform and international tax cooperation, and issued a joint communique. The Treasury secretary, Mr Lou and rate of the people's bank of China zhou xiaochuan, governor of the Chinese delegation to attend the meeting.

Meeting that the current some national economic strength, but the global economic growth is still lower than expected. Meeting promises to take decisive action to promote the global economy back on track, and have confidence to the global economy to speed up the recovery. Meeting requires countries to carefully adjust the policy actions and clear communication, and the minimum possible negative spillover effect, reduce the uncertainty and transparency. The meeting notice, as the economic outlook improved, some developed economies would be likely to tighten monetary policy. The meeting reiterated to prevent competitive devaluations, resist all forms of trade protectionism. At the same time, countries should be adjusted according to the recent economic situation changes in the fiscal policies, to support economic growth, create jobs, and maintain debt as a share of GDP at sustainable levels. Timely, efficiently meeting commitment will continue to implement the G20 comprehensive growth strategy, to expand demand, increase the potential growth rate and enhance inclusive.

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