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In jinping comrade as general secretary of the CPC central committee concerned about Tibet documenta

Write a new chapter. Snow area plateau of China dream

- in jinping comrade as general secretary of the CPC central committee concerned about Tibet documentary development

It is the golden sun shine mountain sacred lake, it is in order to strong wings of the eagle soar.

Since the eighteenth congress to xi jinping, comrade as general secretary of the CPC central committee based on the actual, long-term, in-depth study of Tibet's economic and social development and stability, to make a series of major policy decisions, as snow area plateau painting the grand blueprint for the future, opens the Tibet autonomous region's rapid economic development, social progress, people life level increased significantly, the social overall situation continued stability of the new situation.

The golden autumn season, the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Tibet autonomous region was approaching. In the middle of the just concluded sixth Tibet work forum, xi jinping, delivered an important speech, general secretary for governing the people, xing, long-term, hidden, solidarity, solid foundation, to speed up the pace of Tibet into a well-off society in an all-round way provides important follow. Under the strong leadership of the CPC central committee, snow area plateau is developing compose the new chapter.

For edge stability hidden - vision in jinping comrade as general secretary of the CPC central committee, under the new situation work in Tibet is drawn from a strategic height grand blueprint

Winding of the Lhasa river, witnessing a old city transformation; Towering stands of the potala palace, overlooking the vitality of the snowy plateau.

In the snowy plateau, people have a common heart, without the communist party, there would be no socialist new Tibet. The Tibet autonomous region 50 years of vicissitudes of life change, adhere to generations of central collective leadership's care and effort. Since the eighteenth congress to xi jinping, comrade as general secretary of the CPC central committee, creatively inherits and develops the party's governance hidden edge theory, enrich and deepen the party's national policy, religious policy, regional national autonomy system in snow area plateau coruscate gives more strong vitality, pointed out the direction of the economic and social development and stability for Tibet.

Pure white hada, festive costumes. The great hall of the people on March 9, 2013, Beijing XiCangTing is permeated with festive and lively atmosphere.

Xi jinping came to the 12 th at a meeting of the National People's Congress general secretary Tibet delegation, to participate in the group review.


Took the Tibetan representatives sent hadad, xi jinping, the general secretary to all the representatives present in Tibetan wish good luck. Report to the autonomous region party leaders, after a heated exchange with the representatives, xi jinping, general secretary made an important speech. He stressed: "Tibet is China's important national security and ecological security barrier, a very important position in the party and the national strategic global. Rule will cure, cure edge to hide."

Looking forward to talk, vision.

Xi jinping, important speech of general secretary in Tibet delegation for Tibet's development in the new period the blueprint of paint a picture of the light --

Development is the basis to solve the problem of Tibet all. Managing effectively implemented for stability of strategic thought, was to strongly promote Tibet's economic and social development.

Due to the influence of factors such as history, nature, society, Tibet in the underdeveloped state for a long time, not only has great economic significance to speed up the economic and social development, and has profound political meaning. Since the eighteenth congress, Tibet into the critical period of build a well-off society in an all-round way.

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