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The g20 pledged to promote global economic orbit Zhou xiaochuan said China's reform and opening up

Beijing on September 6 (two days of the group of 20 (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting 5 in Turkey's capital Ankara. The meeting mainly discussed the current global economic situation, growth framework, investment and infrastructure, the international financial architecture, the financial sector reform and international tax cooperation and other issues. Meeting a joint communique released on the evening of December 5 promise, will take decisive action to promote the global economy back on track, have confidence on the global economy to speed up the recovery.

The people's bank of China governor zhou xiaochuan, the Treasury secretary, Mr Lou rate of the Chinese delegation attended the meeting. They respectively introduced the recent China's financial market situation and China's economy. Zhou xiaochuan stressed that although there have been some financial markets volatility, deepen the reform of Chinese government is determined to did not change, will still be in accordance with the order to promote the reform of the CPC central committee and the state council approved plan. Lou jiwei, points out that the Chinese government was not particularly care about quarterly short-term economic fluctuations, macroeconomic policy will maintain the "concentration", and in accordance with the established plan, unswervingly promote reform and opening.

The G20 communique pointed out that some current national economic strength, but the global economic growth is still lower than expected. Meeting requires countries to carefully adjust the policy actions and clear communication, and the minimum possible negative spillover effect, reduce the uncertainty and transparency. The meeting notice, as the economic outlook improved, partially or developed economies to tighten monetary policy.

Communique said, countries should be adjusted according to the recent economic situation changes in the fiscal policy and support economic growth, create jobs, and maintain debt accounted for the proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) at sustainable levels. Timely, efficiently meeting commitment will continue to implement the G20 comprehensive growth strategy, to expand demand, increase the potential growth rate and enhance inclusive.

Investment promotion meeting think, is imperative. The G20 countries to develop the country investment strategy, in order to improve the investment environment, promote the effective investment in infrastructure, and provide financing support for small and medium-sized enterprises. Meetings of the international monetary fund share and governance reforms in 2010 the implementation of the delay disappointed, strongly urged the United States approved the scheme as soon as possible, and look forward to the international monetary fund in November about Special Drawing Rights (SDRS) basket to assess progress.

Communique said the meeting promise to establish a global fair and modern international tax system, look forward to in October this year to complete about the tax base erosion and transfer of profits (BEPS) all the action plan and submit 15 antalya summit.

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