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The 117th spring Canton fair

On April 17, 2015 is the 117th spring Canton fair on the third day, my company sales director mr.wong, such as sales manager XiaoCai business on behalf of foshan day plastic building materials co., LTD., took part in the spring Canton fair.. Company to the domestic and foreign exhibitors to show the plastic building material co., LTD. Foshan days with market leading, with "cooperation to create wealth, innovation for development" business philosophy, to "one-stop services, integrated development" the management idea, get results in the field of building materials at home and abroad, effectively enhance the enterprises comprehensive strength to the company and the understanding of culture idea. The exhibition hall, the company leaders had in-depth communication with domestic and foreign enterprises and business cooperation signed a contract.

Through this exhibition, my company and many domestic and foreign enterprises to carry out extensive exchanges, deepened to the field of enterprise business, technology, engineering performance of mutual understanding, increase awareness of the company area, set up a good atmosphere of mutual trust cooperation, further development for the company and the industry enterprises for complementary advantages and resources integration, to achieve the leap development of enterprises has created favorable conditions.

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